Wednesday, November 3, 2010

About Us!

I've been putting off starting this blog until I knew how to start a blog. It finally occurred to me - while I was in the shower - that I should start off with an introduction! I mean, why read this if you don't know who I am, why I'm semi-anonymous, etc? So here we go!

I'm Mrs. Business - a 26-year old newlywed. Mr. Business and I got engaged in October 2009, set our June 2010 wedding date in November 2009, and found out we were expecting our first child in April 2010 - 10 weeks before our wedding! It was quite a shock, but we are thrilled (and my wedding dress still fit!). We found out in July we're having a little girl (we'll call her Small Biz here), and she's due Dec. 16!

I work in communications and public relations for a government-related group. Because of that - and my personal political beliefs - it's best that I keep my blog anonymous. So if you read this and you know me personally, please don't post my name! Because I sometimes (rarely) do media interviews, my office has google alerts set up on me, and I really, really don't want my blog showing up on those! :)

I was raised in Wilmington, NC, and moved to Raleigh for college in 2003. I still miss the beach (I'm a beach bum at heart), but I love the entertainment a bigger city has to offer!

Mr. Business:
My amazing husband earned his nickname for being far too serious - or business-like - when I wanted to play. I started calling him Mr. Business to get him to relax, and it worked! He always laughs, and I'm convinced it'll keep him from having a heart attack early in life!

Mr. Business is 32, an NC State grad, a small business owner, lover of golf and a great cook! He loves going to NC State football and basketball games - and thankfully, loves taking me with him!

Our dogs:
We have two awesome dogs - but I haven't come up with great blog names for them yet. One is an Australian Shepherd/lab mix, the other is a yellow lab. They're both great, and they keep me entertained with their antics!

So now that I've written this, it's totally lame. But it's a start, no? It's weird; I love writing, but this is much, much harder than I'd expected!

Edited to add: Christine suggested amazing blog names for the puppies! We'll call the Aussie/lab mix DT (for Down To Business), and our yellow lab will be TC (for Taking Care of Business)! Love it! Thanks for the suggestion!
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