Thursday, February 9, 2012

Every parent has a moment...

Every parent has a moment when they realize their child isn't perfect.

(Bellie, if you're 10 and reading this, know that I love you very much. And you don't want to be perfect - there's no fun in that!)

But yesterday, I had a new realization.

My husband must be a secret member of al-Qaeda. Because my child is for sure part terrorist.

Holy hell. One moment she was screaming, the next she was laughing like a crazy loon.

I love you baby, but for real?

It turns out she's teething. And these teeth aren't for the faint of heart.

When Mike texted me he was on his way home last night - around 5 pm, this is the picture I sent back:

Here's to hoping today is better!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

If anyone's looking for a house to rob...

I offer you my basement.


There must be a gazillion boxes down there - and that's hardly an exaggeration.

I would post a picture...but I'm too embarrassed.

I keep walking down there, looking around, walking around. Bending over to open a box to see if it's anything I want to unpack. It's not, so I close it, and walk around some more. Then I walk upstairs to do dishes, laundry, vacuum...pretty much anything that will make me feel less guilty about not working in the basement.

I'll probably take a picture and add it to this later. Maybe that'll guilt me into cleaning up down there???

I doubt it.


So, if you know any seasoned criminals, please send them my way.
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