Friday, January 20, 2012

We're alive!

We're here, we're alive! I forgot to call Time Warner Cable before we moved though, so we won't have cable or Internet until Monday. (I am dying!!)

I just figured out Blogger has an iPhone app, so I thought I'd send a quick update.

We're almost all moved in to the new house...we still have some small things we need to bring from the townhouse, but we're not hurrying.

On the day our movers came for the furniture, one of our neighbors saw the truck and came over to ask of we'd be renting the townhouse. (the people who own the one they're currently renting are moving back to Raleigh.) After a few conversations, we were able to settle on a price, and we are so excited to have that taken care of! It was a big blessing.

In other news, we thought Bunker had gotten kennel cough at doggie daycare, but she has pneumonia. Apparently she has an abnormality called megaesophagus - which so far is a nightmare. Her esophagus is stretched out and won't push food to her stomach. So for the rest of her life, she has to be hand fed or fed from an elevated surface. (Same goes for water.) The theory is, if she eats with her neck held high, gravity will pull the food to her stomach. Otherwise, she may regurgitate the food, causing her to aspirate and get pneumonia again. She also has to be fed 4-5 times a day, and she has to have a dry/wet food mixture made into meatballs.

I'm really nervous for her though. This disease seems pretty dangerous, and I don't want her to be sick all the time. The doctor warned us last night that we need to be prepared for some serious (vet) hospital visits and that it's not uncommon for dogs with this condition to need oxygen from time to time.

So if y'all don't mind, please keep Bunker in your prayers!


  1. Again, I hate this for Bunker, and y'all!!! UGH. Poor puppy!

    SO lucky to have gotten your townhouse rented so quickly, wow!

  2. I hate to hear about puppy problems. My cockers are 5 and we have had such good luck with them. I'm dreading that time when it comes. Prayers to Bunker and you guys!! Happy moving!

  3. I hope your puppy is feeling better! There's nothing like a sick pet--they're so helpless!

  4. Oh goodness! My heart breaks for doggy health problems :( Thinking of y'all while you move and helping Bunker feel better!


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